Above: Solenoid 2, this link: solenoid 1 (6 march 2018)

A solenoid is in fact a copper coil that becomes magnetic when you put electricity on it. In these cases a steel pin rams upwards against the bottom of the tin can. My first Solenoid was finished in March 2018. This second one just today (22/2/2019). I discovered a better way to construct my Solenoids (that’s what I call these creations for the convenience) so the next project will be an inprover Solenoid 1.

And, yeah, what is it good for? I don’t care, as long as the work gets too much, like a small table (not yet on this site) which took me months and months – no more. By the way, something small that’s made in one movement has far most one dinamic in itself. For instance, if I would take a month for one painting – not one day I have the same mood, which reflexes in the way you paint that day. So in my opinion small work is the bast. Plus it gives more moments of happyness ánd it saves a lot of room, plús something small is easier to give someone.

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