SOL 1, improved

To see the solenoid, or sol, how it originally was, made on 5 III 2018, now well set, finally, it was something I had to rediscover, fine-tuning a mechanical creation. To see the first photo’s please visit the archives

Solenoid 1, originally made in March 2018. By making the second one, the smallest of the pair I discovered that the effect on the tin can and what’s in it much greater is when the whole tin can can move up- and downwards. See the arrow on the second photo. Actually just now I see the power of the 24 V solenoid. To strengthen the “Solenoid” I had to use some hot melt here and there which really helps to stand on his legs, it looks also much sharper. And by the way, these are prototypes, I don’t really think about esthetics with these creations. Perhaps a kind of industrial romance.

Actually I sometimes wonder if I’m the only one who likes my work that is shown in the course of time. But if I still enjoy working like this and don’t have to conform to whoever and whatever, not harming anyone, anywhere. And to experience a bit development still goes on, which is my drive. How much more can the man want, isn’t that already anything? Why more than there is? Striving for money? Power? Being well-known? As well as a simple mechanism as a glass hard matter. And all ways lead to Rome, so why taking a difficult way? To become lonely? To reach Rome when it’s quite late already. [text under development, N.]

By the way this whole new website is one big building site. Everything can or have to be adjusted. New things coming in. Some text feels like nonsense – I’m aware of that all. The next post after this one – I’m thinking, now and then I could show earlier work to give context to the new material. Not too much, I’ve seen more than enough of the past. What will be my new post? We have that again. Sorry for my bad writing in English, most terms come from Google Translate.

SOL 1 has an extra long power cable: 3 meter! Both SOL 1 and SOL 2 work on 24 Volt DC. Each are powered by a transformer to put in a wall socket of 230 VAC. Actually, I experience these works not really more than funny, to see one time. Try to play the audio button, to listen to it ten times – nah, that’s too much. As most of what I’ve made, I just did things to see whether they were possible or not. And challenges, or adventures of eg. 1000 drawings, without thinking, without the knowledge how many I had made already. That question, that matter didn’t exist. Just now, 21 years I started this journey, think I begin to wake up a little. And after snoozing that alarm bell directly into bed again and back in the unreality of the non existence sim.

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