plastic recycling

Height: 150 mm, Diameter: 75 mm, lamp: LED. A normal light bulb would set the lamp on fire!

From a plastic bottle to a lamp, made possible by the led lamps today that hardly get warm. In the bottle were ridges that I used to put rings cut out of an inner bicycle tire. In real, the light isn’t so spectaculair as on the second picture.

25/3/2019 Because of this lamp and the bad photo of it when the lamp is on, I decided to go further making ‘lamps’, objects, without a lamp itself in it, so the transition from making lamps to less ‘functional’ abstract objects, which also saves me relatively a lot of money because I don’t have to buy electric sockets and light bulbs anymore. Perhaps I have told this before in one of the posts, but the separation line between making lamps and making rather sculptures, lies between this post and the post after this one: “Plastic Future”.

By the way I really don’t like the result but it has a certain value because of the transition to the following works as I explained above.

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