plastic future

Height: 310 mm, Diameter: 75 mm, it is not al lamp. Materials: plastic bottle, hair bows, tie wraps

Suppose plastic gets feelings, thoughts, memories, capable of reproduction, how would the first creatures look like? In the begin, in my opinion they would look like jellyfish, of which the function of those is far to find. This plastic jellyfish on the photo might search for microplastic, to process it to biological compost, and meanwhile clear the oceans. Time for mankind to – you call it – alien technology. Develop plastic brains, or al least robots. And just as fish, bigger ones eat the smaller ones. Perhaps a system like this could be used for other chemical waste too.

Sometimes when you make a lamp is not about to whether to put a lamp in it or not. In this case the plastic doesn’t really have the power like color sheets in theatres for their lamps. Like the post before this one. At the point now to mainly making sculptures without light. I say this today, but tomorrow I might have a great (for me) idea for a lamp, or a sulpture with light. When it comes over as a lamp and not being noticed as art – that would be just amazing!! Art is not always to be seen, but can still have a great impact in the culture.

24/3/19 Because of the costs of the electric materials I started to go further with the lamps but without lamps. Main advantage however is that it is almost impossible to make an acceptable photo of a burning lamp. For instance a red lamp generates a yellow light spot on the photo of a digital camera. This point, between the green lamp of a bottle (former post) and what I did with the same type of bottle but without a lamp marks the border from lamps to sculptures. Not that I won’t make lamps anymore, but it is quite a relief.

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