2003, 3 paintings

First I tried to paint semi abstract conceptions but soon after it just abstract. I could work hours and hours with a palet knife and oil paint on canvas like butter till suddenly it was finished and I stopped immediately – or I missed that moment and had to go further. With more than one color this technique is impossible. One color and you can go on and on, instead that different colors mix to brown or grey. Then it had to dry for a few months (oil paint in thick layers dries slowly – isn’t meant for it actually) and I went on. Some paintings I made with titanium oxide, and others with zinc oxide. These last ones became a bit yellow, like the last two paintings in this post. By the way it is very hard to show white paintings on a computer screen – it’s not the same, also because every monitor is adjusted with another white balance. Still I show these paintings because they are indispensable in the overview of my work.

These 3 paintings are 40 x 30 cm on canvas but I used many other formats as well. I just forgot time as if I were in a trance. One of the problems was that I didn’t have an income anymore and I got somewhat isolated. In fact it was the start of a 15 year crisis. In that period I still kept on working, overview: https://vrijland.nl/nv-archives/index.html

SMVSUM – Something Came Over Me

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