Empty Space Explorer ESE 2

Empty space, does it exist? I think about the Cosmos, but that isn’t empty actually. Empty space is more a psychological thing I guess. Like empty your head, which must be fiction. Even Electro Convulsion Therapy (ECT) can’t cause a ‘hard reset’.

However, in fact you empty your head while you’re asleep. And when you’re lucky you have nice dreams. In that space I try to work. You fall asleep, head empty, for hours, and the moment you start dreaming – that’s the most special moment. With these creatures I try to sketch what could first enter your and my empty space. It looks a little SF but that’s a cool way to work with shapes, dynamics plus in dreams – all totally SF.

25/3/2019 I was thinking, after reviewing the post after this one, suggesting water isn’t quite “empty space”, actually completely filled space, what the yellyfish type of plastic creatures suggest. A step further is that even gravity shouldn’t be there, although I don’t know if gravity is also kind of material. I don’t care either. But on the other hand it is just fun to make simple thingies, photograph and publish. By the way, in near future I will publish also larger works. These little creations are also to fill this new site already with some content before it goes public. But possibly I will try to continue also with this kind of work. It’s just so much fun to make something very simple, make pictures of them and edit them in such a way that they look pretty serious! Editing and writing are the most fun parts of these works. By the way I always use Gimp for photo editing and drawing. It’s an Open Source program (free to download and use) and has everything that you need to make great photo collages like I do. 🙂

Why black? It’s because that’s the only spray primer paint I have at my disposal. And – in fact just like those white paintings, you don’t have to think about colors too much. I could leave steel parts in their own color, for example, but that would make the creation really too much too cheap looking. A little manual labor is the least what I am obliged to do. But I won’t say that it is easy. Every aspect, from the idea until finishing photos and text, and to post it at the right time on the website. Wait a while to know for myself it’s the right choice. An electrical ashtray didn’t make it for example. First because referring to smoking is not so cool these times and secondly because the ashtray blows fine dust into the air. It wasn’t finished yet. However I will complete it, I will think it over about publishing.

Tip: Gimp, GNU Image Manipulation Program, download at: https://www.gimp.org/