city snaps (april 2019)

April 2, 2019 For the first time I made 3 (digital) black and white photos, city snaps [vert. “stadskiekjes”] above. When the weather is cloudy, colors don’t come out on the photo, look boring even. Black and white seems to be thé solution for photography in bad weather conditions. A bit of post editing on the computer – more brightness/contrast, less or more brightness et voila!

Decided to make this post a ‘live post’ which means that – for a certain period – I will place new photos on top in this post, instead of creating a new post every time for these black and white photos. Perhaps I will remove a photo now and then, but actually I have to make the good choices befóre posting. This photography thing is also new to me. I have to work out on my bike a moment everyday. Once I have no goal, just some cycling – just can’t. Now I have to do something on the way. It is an activity that’s is relatively easy to do, and it doesn’t cost money, except for example the bicycle maintenance. And the worse the weather the better – sometimes. Except rain: Nice to bike through, with a headwind along the highway – but not for these snaps. Edited 13 april 2019 [Just notice that I write the same thing twice (or even more..) now and then, my apologies.]

Actually it seems that black & white pictures can be made when the sun shine too. I never worked with black & white before. It is very different than color photos. Actually I had to learn to watch photos again, nevertheless making them. The big advantage is that ugly colors don’t exist anymore. The image is like a clay model, showing forms at its most. In addition, all snaps match.

city snaps 2 (summer 2019)

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