salon table

Proportions: 89 x 47 x 50 cm (height) Materials: different types of wood from containers, linoleum, paint, glue & screws, black PVC strip 15 x 15 x 1 mm. This project took me half a year. It is too large for the room I can use, that’s also why the grey background in the pictures became like this. Whatever.

About half a year ago a friend asked me to ‘rip’ a few of his own dvd’s. Of coarse I would do that for him. But to read dvd’s I needed an older computer that I had to install again. Somewhere. Every table in the atelier is in use so I had to make something new. Had still some wood material from containers. The design had to take into account various factors, because I needed this table also as a coffee table. It had to be just a cm lower than the bottom side of the tv, it had to be strong, ánd the earlier bench I posted before had to fit beneath it. It took me half a year because in this atelier is no space for projects like these, that’s why the background of the images above is a little weird.

Something about the shapes and colors: With the 60 mm holes I wanted to emphasize that I’m working on a space station, my ‘separate ambulant’ situation expressing, the space station that must continue to develop. I’m even experimenting with plants, lemon geraniums. How to multiply them. Anyways, the table had also to be strong enough to stand on for if I’m working on the power grid high in the space. When you make recesses in material, in good proportions, the strength of the material stays about the same while it weighs less. Very important to bring material into space.Once it up there (here) it doesn’t matter anymore. Why white? Because I didn’t have another suitable color. My station was always grey but this is the begin of a new, white period. The blue linoleum was a remainder of a carpet trade. I’d rather had smooth black but I like this too, brings some color here above! (2nd floor haha) (compared to the universe) 12/4/2019

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