electric receptacle

Dimensions: unknown, Cable: USB 1,5 m Materials: wood, iron, 12 cm ventilator, made for 12 Volt, runs on 5 Volt – USB, which makes the receptacle very silent when it is turned on. Fabric used in vacuum cleaners. It is not very sure how it will work over time. The electronic components are all replaceable. So is the rest. It functions now. The first time I brought the creation by, it didn’t work because the air couldn’t flow without exit holes in the sides because the cigar remnants were blown away, not taken in, nothing got into the bin. So now with six exit holes of 2 cm in diameter in the long sides the cigar remnants flow inside. The next time I delivered it was also exciting because I hadn’t test it with the filter material from a vacuum cleaner that I in the last minute – without it the remnants were blown out through the recesses on the sides I discovered while testing it the last moment.

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