butterfly invaders

Paint and wood chips on wooden panels, dimensions: 27 x 21 x 1 cm. Made in commission from 2017, december to 2019, may. Commissioned as a challenge, why it took so long. First I tried to imitate butterflies in an semi abstract way, but that didn’t work out. Not because of the form, but because I no longer had butterflies. And because making them was quite risky, with a sawing machine. And in the end who cares. It is clear what the butterflies are and in what kind of ‘wheater conditions’ they look to fly down. And in formation, which is also very rare. The theme comes from the computer game ‘Space Invaders’. Normally there is also a figure on the bottom of the screen that, that represents the player and shoots what comes down. But in this case I left the ‘me person’. Why shooting butterflies? Why überhaupt? Photos of the twelve paintings so far are here in the archives, where the images are a lot bigger and much more detailed if you click on them to zoom in.

Play Space Invaders online and free: www.pacxon4u.com/space-invaders/

Watch a Space Invaders <i>gameplay</i> (exciting movie, 1995, DOS) (it starts fairly slow, just keep watching) www.youtube.com/watch?v=5em8leAa8Po