paper creatures (2009)

All the 50 paper cuts (2009)

The knife I had to ask the nursing staff for and which I had to return after usage.

480 x 355 mm

I had made a poster at a creativity hour for behind the window of my room, so that friends who drove by on the bicycle could see where my room was. Some did indeed! Complete madness, although it was completely normal for me.

The first series of creatures made from photos – unintentionally: I wasn’t there with my mind, perhaps this was the moment the creatures were born. But it was unfortunate actually because I (or my disturbed me) decided to destroy my photo’s. During a drink in a garden with two psychiatrists and a psychologist in they couldn’t explain what it was. In the end the psychologist said it must have been a state of trance. Scary because you never know what will happen next time. But now I have stronger medication and the chance for such an episode is much less I think.

A night-time blackout of 10 hours. After that I could no longer walk for two hours because I had sat in the same position on the floor all the time, in a cross-legged position. In retrospect, the scariest thing I’ve ever done was working in that state of mind (with a Stanley knife, as you can see on the first photo. For example, during another blackout I bumped so hard or something that my whole face was covered with blood the next day. Unconscious for 10 hours but still active. I didn’t know what to do with the tiny works, the photo cuts, it took me some time to stand behind it, as work from myself. Not very honest, I know. But that me is the same me as me, let’s stay clear about that. Thank you.

The result: 50 drawings based on these paper cuts (2019)

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