theme: life (1989)

Materials: Reinforced concrete, steel, paint.
Dimensions: Concrete: 600 x 400 x 150 mm. Steel bars on top: 320 and 230 mm.
Weight: 55,2 kg.

This sculpture was part of my first final exams on the pre-university education I followed, I had to do them over. One of my school subjects was crafts and art history. The theme I chose was life. The outside surfaces of this work suggest the boundaries of what’s possible in life. Freedom is possible within the limitations, like the free multi-edged form inside. Just the two steel sticks break, can break through the border, to make it possible to pass along this life, figurative what’s happening inside this concrete block, to another life, like reproduction. And within the natural borders life takes place no life will be, is the same. So perhaps an idea to make a number of sketches of how it could be, all of them.

My English is largely based on dictionaires, please forgive me the mistakes. Although with some difficult and important text I get help from a friend now and then, which is fantastic.

I’m realizing that I hardly have study material from my experiences in Delft, Rotterdam and The Hague anymore. Practically all maquettes I threw away during many removals. Didn’t know during that period that this material could be useful on the website – that I launched in 1998. There must be a maquette still somewhere, and perhaps I can find some photo material. Especially at TU Delft (Architecture) where I studied two years I made nice designs, I think because of the exciting atmosphere there. In Rotterdam it was harder, also because starting health issues. Plus the fact that it was more a school than a university, with young teachers who never tried to empathize, they liked to tear apart the plans you developed during projects. Especially when you didn’t design what they wanted. Terrible. So in the end I never became an architect. Perhaps it wasn’t the purpose either. You have to be able to fit in offices, all with there strictly hierarchical cultures. After my graduation in 1998 or so I worked at about 7 architectural offices in one year. Or they fired me, or I resigned. After that year I started to design and make furniture. Characteristic was that it all was build in a structural manner, because of my structural education. For like 5 to 7 years, and in 2003 I started to paint, the white paintings first. It meant that I didn’t have an income anymore, I was at home all the time, life became freaky and it resulted in the collapse of my family. From that moment, end 2003, early 2004, I got deeper and deeper in the well. 15 years later I could say that life was acceptable again. But in that period of downfall I kept on making small things, almost obsessively, and made foto’s of it with filenames like ‘001.jpg’ etc. Didn’t know I would place them on a (this) website. But the strange thing is that I can’t remember exactly the order of my activities. That’s why the archive is sorted alphabetically. New material in there I just place at the bottom.

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