city snaps 2

Characteristic of the snaps is that they have to be good without too much retouching afterwards. Just the brightness. And preferably no buildings for example made by contemporary architects because I don’t want to interfere with their work. Further aspects are for example the weather. When sunny it does not produce the best snaps. Perferct weather conditions are dark clouds where the sun shines through here and there, and no rain, like the snaps last april. Perhaps I will start a relatively new activity: Drawings based on photo’s. [see this] I have to keep that in mind. Creatures based on forms and constructions in the real world perhaps. Or better to say modified creations of the world. I like the idea. And less figurative but more abstract, like this one. In fact the same but without the mouth and the eyes. Although with those body characteristics it is possible to give them a certain expression, without the difficulty of painting people with all aspects like proportions and scale.

city snaps 1 (april 2019)

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