July 2019, 100 drawings based on photos especially made for this project. In the course of time the drawings will be improved here and there. One drawing is not finished yet at the moment at the time of writing. The photos I made in the local surroundings and at my voluntary work at a local thrift store, where all kind of nice looking items pass by all the time. The second series of footage started with a grey image of little squares. Every subsequent drawing changes a little, or drastic, so this is in fact the same drawing every next picture that changes. At first I used this ‘background’ material quite brave black and white, and in order of making. This soon became a bit boring, and soon the choice was made to just grap what worked out best. Later on the colors were changed often, some pictures aren’t used at all, or double. Foreground becomes background and vice versa, and everything in between. Left and right, up and down, straight and curved, mirrored and brightened, the possibilities are endless.

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