1000 Details of a Painting

In retrospect I think the camera should zoom in less deeply, looking at the painting itself. But this was the only option. No more details for the time being. A few pictures are okay, but the majority are mostly out of focus, although there are surprises to be found. Holding and adjusting the camera was the greatest difficulty, with blurring as a result many times.

Thinking about the blurring, I realize that the photographed surface is about 1 x 0.75 mm. No wonder why the pictures aren’t razor sharp. See this photographed ruler. The zoom factor is always the same. The typical cloudy patterns in the paint could be a property of the used paint (alkyd based.) Now I realize the images are much more magnified than I thought during the make process. Which makes me feel somewhat relieved. I have an excuse now hehe.

All images   Original painting, 2009 (27 x 22 cm)

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