Working-Out Some Details

24 sep 2019 – 25 drawings as work-outs (of try outs of proofs of pilots) of some ‘detail photos’ I made earlier. The resolution of these detail photos wasn’t large: 1200 x 900 pixels, as are these. Actually almost all of the photo work is made for display on a screen, a monitor and not meant to print out as a photo. The reason why is because the light that comes out from a monitor shines like a lamp and mixes colors, which is different from a photo on paper which only reflects light. Although I can’t say yet how a relatively large a possible print out could be. Possibly this week. Images for screens have a much lower resolution and are much smaller similar to a file which is perfect for use on the web.

All 25 drawings   Footage: 1000 Details of a Painting   Original painting, 2009 (27 x 22 cm)   Gimp (drawing program)

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