Better, Best

11 oct 2019 This title implies the pitfall in which I circled trying to make better and better drawings – an attempt to improve a drawing about which I was rather uncertain. First time that I had printed and framed my work like this. First time I showed my work like this. The complete story is spread over several posts. This pretty early post remains “sticky” on top of the blog because of the colorful animation. For the time being.

25 oct 2019 – 25 drawings as work-outs (of try outs of proofs of pilots) of one ‘worked-out detail photo‘ out of the series I made before, as an attempt to improve the drawing that I had already printed, framed and had handed over for a public location. I was very uncertain about the work. Couldn’t just change the work anymore, of course. Had to keep the disaster for myself. The purple wasn’t the same on paper as on the screen. For weeks I have been thinking about what to do. Couldn’t get it out of my head. I became increasingly gloomy. One moment a friend saw the second print and was very enthusiastic about it. So I framed that one too, became more certain about the work and decided to make 25 work-outs of that one ‘failed drawing‘ as a way to process and complete the process emotionally. But what is better? What is best? Good? Annyways, the result of this – in fact – ten year process, including the exercises with drawing in between: Hereby the 25 attempts to improve, as it were, symbolic, the ‘failed drawing’ 479.jpg in different ways, to close the chapter. So it’s like “good, better, best” this way to create a few drawings in four to five steps, viewed over a ten-year period. Back in time:

All 25 improved ‘best’ drawings   The difficult one   25 ‘better’ details   1000 details (2019)   Painting (2009, 27 x 22 cm)

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  Coil – Careful What You Wish For   Footage: “More” (1969)

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