Improvised Lamp

Dimensions: 185 x 160 mm, with lamp base 1420 mm high.
Materials: Layered plastic perforated sheets, tie wraps, steel base, E27 fitting with a 4.3 Watt bright but slightly colored small type led bulb.

29-12-2019 A lamp I made on location yesterday afternoon. First I wanted to make something out of loose trapezium shaped pieces but that turned out not to be possible, a too unstable construction. That’s why I chose a cylindrical shape, before cutting all the material I had with me in small useless pieces. A cylinder is much firmer in shape and easier to make. Besides the form is much more basic and much more geometric and quiet. Plus the shadow effect that I just discovered today. Actually the idea was not what I would make, but thát I would make something, as a closing and reminder of a period, like the season. I brought some materials with me and didn’t know what it would be like. It couldn’t be too complicated because I didn’t have much time left relatively, an hour or so, in between conversations and dinner.

  Coil – Disco Hospital

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