Refurbished Bicycle

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A small bicycle that is easy to carry with you, but still with the properties of a normal bike, instead of a folding bicycle. Without all the hinges like those have, it remains a solid bicycle that drives very easily, smoothly. It weights nothing and steers wonderfully through the corners and along obstacles. With led lights mounted in the old fixtures, the bike retains its original character. With a matte gray lacquer it goes well with the times.

The super bright leds get electricity from a hidden central battery, which can be charged with a cable and adapter. This way you are always sure that you have lighting. No more hassle with loose lights and the like. And presumably a full battery (4x AAA) will last for 12 hours, I have not tried this yet.

brand: Gazelle, Dieren NL;
production year: 1971;
weight: 12 kg;
steel frame;
not foldable, making weight relatively low, strong and frame rigid;
a new coat of paint, original color: pink;
chromed steel wheels;
brand new anti-puncture tires, 47-406 [20×1.75] 20B;
aluminum mudguards;
original and refurbished saddle;
original pedals, welded;
integrated LED lighting, rechargeable with a 4 m cable to a wall outlet;
heavy duty ring lock;
sticker specially selected by the customer, pasted on the frame, the finishing touch!

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