ing. Niels R. Vrijland, The Hague NL
engineer built environment, B
Leiden, 21-05-1971


timeline: further backwards


Note: All pictures and collages are 1:1 copies of the original
work, also the same format (mostly jpg) because the images
are meant to display on a screen and besides I prefer
to work with relatively small photos, mostly 2000 x 1500 pixels.
But I do not know how WordPress scales photos and if the copies
in the original size are downloadable. If not you can
always email me to get a copy of the original image, if I still
have it.
19/4/2019 WordPress seems to change the resolutions of photos itself.
How to obtain the original photo I don’t know yet.

Ps. The latest news is that I probably will have to reduce the sizes of all images in “archives” to make the site smaller, which I would really hate. An image of 1600×1200 pixels, exact copy of the – whether or not – manipulated picture, would be a shame to make these images smaller. In fact is the problem that I show almost all my own work from the past 20 years. 22 years if I calculate the Academy for Architecture Rotterdam with it. 28 years since Delft University (Architecture) (1991) and before that 3 years manual labor at prescientific school with exams in art history as well.

Gimp: GNU Image Manipulation: download at Great and free!!