small bench 22/12/2018

A project that was half finished: The two H-shapes were ready to carry two beams, for a little bench on a balcony. Unfortunately it did not go through and I stayed with that half bench.
Spontaneously I eventually made a somewhat simpler bench, instead of throwing away the legs, which in themselves occupy a fairly important place in my work. The shape comes from an abstracted butterfly, which I started practicing more than a year ago in painting, trying to make the most beautiful painting I had ever made as a thank you for the enormous help of a friend at a great distance, actually a type of coaching, which ultimately led to this new website.

Measures: W x D x H: 710 x 275 x 360 mm. Materials: plywood, chipwood, paint, 2 black metal shelf supports for stability. Weight: 7.5 kg.

The timeline just before this one (reverse direction: most recent work below) can be found here

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