under pressure (1999-2019)


21 x 32 x 7,5 mm, Materials: Reinforced concrete, paint. Weight: 7,5 kg

7 june 2019 This time the concrete mass leans obviously on the yellow ‘note’ which means that an enormous weight (also figuratively) leans on the yellow creature, or bundle of creatures, that has hardly even has a chance but to move a little due to the high pressure. The concrete mass relies completely on the state of mind and health of the yellow note on the other hand which works much and much slower and less free this way (like taking lots of anti-psychotics and living in slow-motion or like during a stay at a closed mental hospital) than the concrete sculpture seen before in this blog which was completely free. In such a closed mental hospital, it is impossible to do something wrong and I experienced this as the greatest form of freedom and fully supported by the staff. This yellow bird is pressured down but still responsible for example to maintain the status quo. So it has a massive weight on its wings and isn’t free at all. Like Atlas who carries the Earth. But oké, on the other hand it gives some responsibility which makes the work kind of legitimate and which makes it almost real instead of occupational therapy. It goes much further. Thereby it is always easy to say things like those (wie bedoel je? Mensen of woorden?) which hurt me. In this scenario, without self-maintenance, exercise, meditation and real contacts, the crazy yellow creature will pulverize under the pressure and can’t give the guarantee that it can do (hold?) it by himself, themselves. No need for help but a wish for an under circumstances a healthy way of life without the 24/7 pressure of proving and balancing work and freedom it’s oké. The grey solid mass will still grows of course, not just meant in weight but also in size and number of particles. Perhaps in a next story in this blog I will try to visualize ideas of solutions. On the other hand maybe I have to leave it like this.

A place to stay – first in this series

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