Empty Space Receptacle ESR 3

Materials: Plastic, steel bolt, paint. Dimensions: 55 x 15 cm

Exploring empty space can be quite exciting. Especially to discover that this space isn’t that empty. Like what we came across here. It is something, for sure. It has a form, colors, fantasize it moves. But is it nothing – just some plastic and a screw – causing the space still empty? What is empty? I suppose a certain vacuüm piece of space without light or any other particle, no matter how small. So a little bundle of plastic should be enough to declare the investigated space not empty. But is this plastic something? That makes the whole difference. Anyway, a new form or thing inspired by life and created with plastic is manifested here with these photos. The added value can still be discussed.

Just realizing that I have to step over it if something I make looks ugly. It is namely not áll about appearance. Besides is my taste not that important. And now in this creatures fase – the uglier the better. Waste from containers in the neighbourhood. If I need some material, wood for example, I jump on my bike, cycle a few street and almost always I find what I need. But someone told me that you can get a fine of 180 euros if they catch you roaming the streets.

In fact, the pictures are the final result of the making process and the fysical shape of a lot of creations can be considered as an intermediate product. The pictures become much more expressive since I’m learning about green screen and blue screen, a technique to edit the background of a photo apart from the foreground object. I don’t know a lot of it but enough to make the photos, collages as I want. Started experimenting with this technique while making this WordPress website, a few months ago. By the way, the last few years I always make the original photos (and -collages) 2000 x 1500 pixels, as well in jpeg as png format. The pictures are meant for display on a screen, not for printing. Often too because a display <b>shines</b> light and colors, while a print on paper <b>reflects</b> the colors which is totally different than what I see what I’m doing on my computer.

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