Empty Space Searcher ESS 4

Tiewraps aren’t really made to put weight on vertically. So I will use thicker ones that I will cut off at around the same length as on the photo above. Perhaps a new way of mounting the legs. On the other hand, is it really necessary that there will be a physical presence behind any photo? Better than this it’s hardly to get. By accident my camera’s sensitivity was on +2, which I didn’t realize when taking the photo’s. For these creatures the surf is quite a hostile environment, as wel as for the photographer himself.

Actually, I think this little creation will stay here in this post, mainly because of the failed in a good way picture. You can see it is moving one leg at a time. Under water it is more like almost weightlessness jumping around. But for a “searcher” you would think it should have eyes, but to me that’s not necessary because they would be there just for the suggestion. Where to stop? The legs are for real, so is the body. It doesn’t move either, but that could be because it’s a photo… 🙂

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