green light for the night

This modified lamp gives green light now. I never thought about using colored lamps in the house, but with this little experiment I have completely change my mind. In this case the lamp hangs above my desk. Gives as much light without color filter but is ten times more relaxed. Less hard shadows. Perhaps it stays with this lamp but still quite a successful, actually unsuspected experiment.

Thanks to te coming of LED light bulbs it is much easier now to construct lamps – LED’s barely get warm like a traditional light bulb. The construction here above would absolutely be not possible like a few lamps I installed before. This risk factor makes it less good work in fact. The lamp would start burning when the wrong light bulb has been used. This count’s for some other earlier lamps too. So the challenge is to design lamps that are still small yet safe enough for all types of light bulbs. Which sound quite boring.

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