a place to stay (1999-2019)

20 x 29 x 8 cm. Materials: reinforced concrete, paint. Weight: 7,5 kg

Worked with this concrete structure for 20 years. In fact it stayed in boxes and once in a while I was confronted with it. Once I made the main part I knew exactly what I was doing, I still do but but te way I look at it changed a bit. The yellow part is also concrete, the leftover concrete wile making a concrete lamp, some years ago. I poured it into a plastic cup. Still have a lot of those leftovers so they will come back in different situations I suppose.

“A place to stay” is not only the comfortable way the yellow piece nestles itself in a safe zone of a far much larger structure, that gives the possibility for even this yellow piece of waste, of a lamp, it stil must recognize some value in the painted waste.
Next to that I can “close the dossier” now. For 20 years it roamed everywhere and nowhere, I didn’t know what to do with it. So now it has “a place to stay. It is finished. Next to this one there’s another, comparable piece of concrete but first I have to upload foto’s of a number of drawings I made in spring 2004.

I used thin wood (intended for airplanes) that bended by the weight of the concrete. This was on purpose not to look the concrete so square and give it a more nonchalant look. I made more concrete sculptures I realize, have to find pictures.

Next in this series: under pressure (1999-2019) posted 07/06/19

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