Audio equipment test setup

Materials: Wood, wires, plus & sockets, perforated plastic, Kenwood cd-player/cassette-player/amplifier, no mp3, 2 Dual 5 to 15 Watt speakers. A fuse of 3 Ampère integrated, 500 Watt max. at 220/240 Volt, with a margin.
Dimensions: 570 x 310 x height(?)
No cables on the back side so that it can stand against the wall.
Coincidentally 2 cd’s fit behind eachother in the black drawer, with some room in between, that I made to even the top of the whole combination in first instance. Result: The drawer makes the work tangible.

A setup to make testing audio equipment in the thrift store much faster. Not only we have to search all the time for – for example – an amplifier to test speakers and cd-players, now the testing cables can be put directly in the front of the setup. In addition, it means a place where music can be played, for fun and not to hear the sounds from the store, like the voices which often give annoying incentives. But I don’t want to work with a closed door to the store.

The old but perfect working Dual speakers produce an amazing crispy sound.

  Agnes Obel – Riverside

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